Star Baby

What is a 'Star Baby' ?

A Star Baby is the name for the child who died during pregnancy.


Often, your first response to a loss is disbelief and denial. Especially when the news comes unexpectedly, the shock is great. Gradually, this reaction plate will taste for the penetration and experience of the loss. The time you need to go through different phases (unbelief, anger, fear, sadness) varies from person to person. Running through these phases is essential for the further processing of your grief.

Memories of Your Baby in 3D

The intense void that you feel after the death of your baby, maybe a bit filled with some memories. This can help you in processing your loss. MyBaby. Baby wants to help star parents to wear this great sadness by offering professional tangible objects from the deceased baby. Of the 4d echoes that the star parents still have left, Mybaby. Baby makes a printed 3d object that matches the reality as best as possible. The view or the whole body of the baby is a copy anyway. It is much more realistic if you can hold an object in your hands than if you see a picture.