Emergency Care

In an emergency in Belgium

Call the pan-European emergency number 112 (or 114 hearing assisted), free of charge from any phone, for any life-threatening situation. When you call they will need to know the type of emergency, address (municipality, street, house number, locality, etc.) and the number of people in danger.

An ambulance will take you to the nearest hospital but you will typically have to pay for this service, unless you have special or private health insurance that covers this.

Other emergency numbers:

  • Medical service – 100
  • Emergency doctor – 1307
  • On-call pharmacy – 0900 10 500 / 070 66 0160 (fees apply)

Find a full list of emergency numbers in Belgium.

Useful phrases

  • I need an ambulance – J’ai besoin d’une ambulance (French); Ik heb een ziekenwagen nodig (Dutch).
  • I need a doctor – Il me faut un médécin (Fr); Ik heb een doctor nodig (D).
  • Heart attack – crise cardiaque (Fr); Hartaanval (D).
  • Stroke – Un accident vasculaire cérébral (Fr); Beroerte (D).
  • Accident – Accident (Fr); Ongeluk (D).
  • Emergency – Urgence (Fr); Spoedgeval (D).

Belgian healthcare contacts